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The newsworthy nature of civil rights cases means our attorneys are often featured in the media, both for interviews regarding current cases we represent and as an outside commentators.

ACLU and Ives files suit against Chaves County, New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy

via Alex Ross, KOB4 ROSWELL N.M. – The ACLU of New Mexico has filed a lawsuit against Chaves County and the state’s Law Enforcement Academy, accusing the sheriff of failing to provide proper training to deputies who killed a suspect. “I

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4 Investigates: Lawsuits target lack of ‘meaningful investigation’ in Albuquerque rape cases

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — A pair of lawsuits by Albuquerque rape victims say that, for years, thousands of untested rape kits perpetuated their own misery and struck fear into women across the city.

The Albuquerque Police Department said last year that it had eliminated its backlog of some 5,000 untested rape kits, but the lawsuits show just how agonizing the wait was as victims wondered about their attackers—both known and unknown—and who else might have fallen victim to them.

“There are serial rapists who continue to walk our streets because we haven’t taken these crimes seriously and we haven’t taken the evidence that people collect to prosecute these crimes seriously,” said Laura Schauer Ives, the attorney representing both women.

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Ives + Flores files suit over random shootings along I-25

April 2020, a couple from Chimayó was driving south on Interstate 25 to visit family in Albuquerque. Pat Martinez was driving as his wife, Jennifer Lopez Martinez had been shot and became one of as many as 20 apparently random shootings along the interstate between Santa Fe

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Laura Ives joins the conversation on Bound by Oath Podcast

via Bound by Oath Podcast, Institute for Justice State Remedies | Season 2, Ep. 11

With the doors to federal court closing on civil rights claims, this final episode of Season 2 heads to new terrain: state court. Click here for the transcript. Click here for Episode 1.

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