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3 ways New Mexico’s prison system violates the rights of inmates

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2023 | Constitutional Rights

Everyone in America has rights — even those serving a prison sentence. Yet some corrections facilities in New Mexico consistently violate inmate rights in defiance of the U.S. Constitution.

Government and prison officials have a duty to uphold the human rights of those they house, regardless of why they are there. If you or a family member is incarcerated, here are some specific ways prisoner rights may be compromised.

Poor health care

The Constitution bans inhumane prison conditions, including the lack of adequate care for injuries and illnesses. Insufficient health care can worsen an existing problem, possibly threatening the lives of some inmates. Lack of care interferes with the right to health and could be grounds for a legal claim.

Mental health neglect

Unfortunately, many people enter the prison system with a mental illness, but they may not receive proper treatment or care while incarcerated. Even worse, they may be placed in solitary confinement, which is known to cause lasting harm and potentially shorten lifespans. Putting an inmate with a mental illness into solitary confinement is unlawful in New Mexico, yet it continues to happen.

Abuse and brutality

Our state is known for its diverse landscape and the ancient Pueblo civilization. Unfortunately, it is nearly as infamous for abuse against prison inmates. Several state facilities have been investigated for physical and sexual abuse in recent years, indicating a serious problem.

Victims have options

Those who are incarcerated deserve fair and humane treatment no matter why they are in prison. You may believe you have no chance of calling out the mistreatment you or a loved one have suffered, but that is not so. With experienced legal guidance, you can explore possible solutions.