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What amounts to excessive force by the police?

On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2023 | Police Brutality

Concerns surrounding the use of excessive force by law enforcement agencies have sparked widespread discussions on the boundaries of police conduct. While the police are allowed to use reasonable force in some circumstances, what exactly constitutes excessive force, and where is the line between maintaining public safety and infringing upon individual rights?

Excessive force by the police refers to a situation where officers use more power than necessary to control a situation or protect themselves or others from danger, leading to unnecessary harm or injury. It can manifest in various ways, ranging from physical assault to the misuse of weaponry during arrests, interrogations or even routine encounters between law enforcement officers and civilians. 

The use of force must correspond to the level of threat

A pivotal factor in assessing excessive force is the principle of proportionality. Law enforcement officers are trained to use force proportional to the threat level they face. For example, drawing a firearm might be justified when confronted with an armed suspect, but using such force against an unarmed, nonviolent individual could be deemed excessive. 

That said, the distinction between necessary and excessive force is delicate, often blurred by the complexities of real-world situations. Context matters immensely in these situations.

Are you a victim of excessive force by law enforcement?

If you or a loved one has been a victim of excessive force by the police, it’s crucial to understand your legal rights and options. You deserve compensation for the harm suffered from such instances of police misconduct.

However, holding law enforcement accountable requires navigating complex legal avenues and procedures, which can be overwhelming if you do not understand how things work. Reaching out for legal guidance can go a long way in building your case, gathering relevant evidence and helping you get justice.