We Believe In
Fighting For Civil Rights

Our team of attorneys stands up for what is right, advocating on behalf of people and families who have been wronged by private entities, police and other government agencies.

We defend the rights of New Mexicans.

Meet Laura and Adam

Laura Schauer Ives and Adam Flores offer strong backgrounds fighting for civil rights. Laura and Adam have been suing the police and bringing constitutional claims against the government for their whole careers.

Laura Schauer Ives

“There is little more abhorrent than persons in positions of power abusing that power. I’m honored to fight for my clients to right the wrongs in their own cases and do everything I can to prevent future misconduct.”

Attorney Laura Schauer Ives

Adam Carlos Flores

“Our civil rights are worthless if not enforced. I work hard to make sure that the rights set out in our state and federal constitutions are respected, and that those who violate those rights are held fully accountable.”

Attorney Adam Carlos Flores

“Laura and Adam are by far the best lawyers in New Mexico. When they take on your case they truly are passionate and determined to help their clients in every way possible. You will not find a better team! I am so thankful for their hard work, compassion, and empathy when helping me.”

— Patrick

Exclusively Focused On Civil Rights Cases

We limit our practice to a few select areas. We bring cases involving wrongful death, sexual abuse, police misconduct, civil rights violations, whistleblowing, and employment discrimination. We love what we do, and our clients feel that, as is evident by our testimonials.

Our Team Approach

Just as we are selective with the cases we take on, we also carefully hire our staff to ensure the best possible client service. We believe in quality over quantity and continuously work as a team to collaborate on case strategies. Our clients appreciate our quick responses and their ability to communicate with us at any time. Click HERE to learn more

Attorney Adam Flores And Attorney Laura Ives